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Cleaning Solutions Inc. offers a wide variety of custom private label programs. We provide you with the ability to cost-effectively private label any of our existing professional, commercial, and industrial cleaning products or have us formulate and custom blend new products to meet your needs.  If it’s safe, legal and goes in a bottle - we’ll put it there!


We service clients of all sizes, ranging from start-up businesses to established industry leaders. We have valuable experience in lowering costs and the risks normally associated with creating your own Private Label or a new custom formulated product.


Want a custom blend? We’ll help you develop your product idea from concept stage through research and development….then we’ll blend, label, pack and ship your products anywhere you want them to go.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is Private Labeling?


“Private Label” is a term used to describe selling a company's product under its own name, logo, colors, company "look", etc. that’s produced by another manufacturer.  The “brand” is owned by the company not the manufacturer.


What is the advantage of Private Labeling?


The Private Label customer doesn’t have the cost associated with manufacturing space, overhead, employees, equipment and maintenance. They’re able to be more competitive in the marketplace by passing along these savings to the consumer.


Why Private Label with Cleaning Solutions?


Cleaning Solutions grants you the advantage of economy of scale. This advantage allows any sized company to have its own private label products. Our advantage means that not just the top grossing 10% of Distributors and Professional Cleaning Businesses can afford to have their brand name on the label – small companies can too.


Large distributors and chemical distributors with multiple locations spend up to $10,000 or more on their exclusive line of chemicals; but with Cleaning Solutions, you don't have that financial burden. Instead, taking advantage of Cleaning Solutions economy of scale saves you thousands in start-up costs and gives you access to our current professional cleaning products as well as the resources of our packaging suppliers. 


What if I want custom formulated product?


Already have an idea of what you are looking for in a product?  Cleaning Solutions will aid you in creating your own unique formula. We have expertise in chemical properties and their attributes and can formulate ingredients to meet your specific needs. All product fragrance, color, viscosity, thickness, look and feel can be custom made.


What other services do you provide?


Cleaning Solutions has programs for labeling, bottling your own formula, heat sealing, shrink wrapping and more. 



For More Information, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.