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Removing Stubborn & Recurring Coffee / Tea Stains PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ronald Balk   
Thursday, December 10 2009 00:00

There are few things more annoying than spending time cleaning a carpet until it looks stain free and then receiving a complaint a few days later saying that the stain is now back. As bad — or worse than before you cleaned it.


Although not the only cause, many times this occurs because of recurring stains.


Recurring stains are stains that appear to be removed during cleaning, but then magically reappear after the carpet is dry, days or even weeks later.


Initial Spot Cleaning


The first step of the battle is choosing the right product to remove the stain. Browning Agent is the perfect cleaner for removing coffee, tea, light rust and cellulose stains. Why? It’s slightly acidic and gets right to the root of the problem.


To use Browning Agent, simply apply (full strength) directly to the stain. One application usually does the trick, but more stubborn stains may require a second application.


Now that you have pre-treatment complete you are ready to clean the carpet.


After cleaning (the stain is removed) you’ll want to use Fiber Neutralizer for two reasons. For starters, this product does a great job removing any residues, leaving the carpet softer and brighter. This makes for happy customers. What is equally important is that this final acid rinse neutralizes carpet and upholstery pH….effectively preventing wicking where the stain recurs. In addition, Fiber Neutralizer has a acid stain blocker and anti-wicking agent built into the product.


Prevention is good medicine


Although not all of your clients will subscribe to the idea of a Fabric Protector or Stain Resistor to fight future spots and stains, it’s a tool in your arsenal that will help.


Fabric Protector repels spots and keeps the fibers from absorbing fresh spills, giving you and the customer time to remove spots before they even become trouble.


Wet Less – Dry Faster


It common sense that this is a practice you should use at all times. There is no good reason to use too much water or liquid, and no reason (at all) not to use an air blower / mover.


Less moisture + good ventilation = carpet dries faster  = wicking effect is reduced.